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Discover your family story with the MyHeritage Ancestry & Ethnicity DNA Test. Grow your family tree, find new relatives, and explore billions of historical records with a 14-day FREE trial.

Find out what your genes say about you with our simple DNA tests.

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MyHeritage Ancestry – Discover Your Past

Uncover your ethnic origins and find relatives you never knew existed through your shared DNA with a simple cheek swab DNA test. It takes only 2 minutes and you will receive your results in 3-4 weeks.

The highest technological standards meet the most affordable price on the market.

Your DNA reveals your unique heritage — the ethnic groups and geographic regions you originate from.

Your DNA test offers you the powerful experience of discovering what makes you unique and learning where you really come from. MyHeritage DNA is proud to be enhancing the lives of users all around the world.

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Where in The World Is Your Family From?

The places your ancestors called home are encoded in your DNA. Ethnic groups historically come from the same geographic regions and draw from a local gene pool. We analyze your DNA to determine which portions are estimated to originate from each of our 42 supported ethnicities — the largest number offered by any major DNA testing service.

Your MyHeritage DNA test results include an Ethnicity Estimate: a percentage breakdown of your ancestral background, showing your ancestors’ origins from among 42 ethnicities, including Japanese, Irish, Italian, Jewish and many others. You will find a list of the regions your ancestors — from both sides of your family — came from, as well as the percentage of your DNA that comes from each area. Results are delivered via a fun, animated experience.

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MyHeritage Ancestry – Who Will You Discover?

We search for people whose DNA matches yours: your relatives. Our DNA Matching technology reveals the percentage of DNA you share with your matches, showing you how closely related you are. You can connect with your newly found relatives to learn more about your family and discover shared ancestors.

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Create Your Online Family Tree

Your past begins with your family tree and it’s easy to build one on MyHeritage. Add names, dates, photos and stories and share with your family.

The minute you create a family tree, we’ll begin searching for you. Look forward to email alerts with Smart Matches and Record Matches revealing new family tree connections, records and newspaper articles about your ancestors.

MyHeritage DNA Matching is a powerful feature that uses your DNA to help you find relatives. Our technology compares your DNA data with the DNA data of others and identifies shared genetic sequences that indicate a possible family relationship. The higher the percentage of DNA that you have in common with another person, the closer your likely relationship.

When you test your DNA with MyHeritage DNA, you are eligible to receive DNA Matches to others who have tested with MyHeritage, as well as those who have tested with other services. We allow users of all major testing providers to upload their DNA results to MyHeritage, widening your matching pool and making it possible for you to meet even more new relatives.

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MyHeritage Ancestry – Search Billions of Records

Dive into our huge international records database – just search a name to learn more about your ancestors. With exclusive content and accurate results, we’ll help you uncover more than you ever imagined.

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Join the MyHeritage Community

Millions of families around the world use MyHeritage to explore their history. Collaborate with members and join the thousands who reunite with long-lost relatives every single day through our network.

  • 9 Billion profiles
  • 105 Million users
  • 50 Million family trees

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How Does MyHeritage DNA Testing Work?

  • A simple cheek swab (no blood or spit)
  • Takes just 2 minutes
  • Mail to our lab in enclosed envelope
  • Receive your results online in 4 weeks

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