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If your horse is stolen or lost for any reason, the Equine DNA Profiling can help you identify it unequivocally.

Equine DNA Profiling is a valuable tool for breeders because it allows them to identify a horse with 100% accuracy and can also be used for ancestry, pedigree and paternity testing.

This is NOT a horse breed test and will NOT provide information about the genetic breeds in your horse.

AffinityDNA Animal Icon Horse Intolerance Test   The Science Behind Equine DNA Profiling

The Equine DNA Profiling is a quick and easy way to accurately determine the DND profile of your horse using 23 genetic markers.

Each horse has a unique DNA profile that allows it to be uniquely identified, except in the case of identical or monozygotic twin horses, which share the same profile. Having your horse’s genetic profile will even allow you to confirm if a horse is yours in case of theft or loss due to the uniqueness of the DNA. By comparing both profiles you will be able to know if they are from the same horse.

This test provides a definitive identification record for a horse by profiling 23 genetic markers, however, it does not provide information on possible genetic diseases that may be present.

This test also does NOT determine the breed of your horse.

For only $65 you can get 1 genetic profile. If you need more profiles, you can send additional samples and get each extra profile for a discounted price.


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AffinityDNA Animal Icon Horse Intolerance Test

How to Collect DNA Samples

The DNA is found in the hair follicle, which is why it is necessary to use plucked hairs to guarantee the test results. Take 12 to 15 hairs close to the horse’s skin and pull quickly and evenly.

Trimmed hairs or hairs that have fallen out during brushing cannot be used because they will not provide the necessary genetic information.


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Equine DNA Profiling Test Results

The Equine DNA Profiling provides the results in a report that will be emailed to you 10 working days after receiving the samples in the laboratory, the report contains the genetic profile of 23 markers for each sample submitted.

AffinityDNA Animal Icon Cat Intolerance Test

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If you have any questions about getting Equine DNA Profiling for your horse, please do not hesitate to Contact our Customer Service Team who will be happy to help you.