We offer a range of Horse DNA Tests to help you detect possible intolerances in your horse, the predisposition to genetic diseases, to determine the parentage of your horses and to know the genetic profile of your steed.

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Horse Intolerance Test (Only $89)

Is your horse showing signs of discomfort after eating? The Horse Intolerance Test determines your horse’s sensitivity to food, environmental, and artificial allergens. (read more…)


Horse Parentage Test (Only $169)

If you have any doubts about the parentage of a foal, then the Horse Parentage Test can provide the answers you need. (read more…)


Equine DNA Profiling (Only $65)

If your horse is stolen or lost for any reason, the Equine DNA Profiling can help you identify it unequivocally.

Equine DNA Profiling is a valuable tool for breeders because it allows them to identify a horse with 100% accuracy and can also be used for ancestry, pedigree and paternity testing.

. (read more…)