GPS Origins™ Ancestry Test

Only $159 with results in 4 to 6 weeks

Do you want to discover your roots? Are you looking to trace your family’s unique heritage? The GPS Origins™ Ancestry Test is an ancestry test that allows you to learn more about your ancestors. Through this DNA testing service, you can discover the countries, cities, and even islands from where your ancestors came.

Using the latest in genealogy and tracking technology, the GPS Origins™ Ancestry Test will accurately pinpoint your ancestors’ origins to the finest degree.

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How the GPS Origins™ Ancestry Test Works

The GPS Origins™ Ancestry Test is the most advanced ancestry test in our portfolio. It uses the latest breakthroughs in genealogy and genetics and combines these with the Geographic Population Structure (GPS), a new ancestry tracking tool.

Unlike other ancestry tests, the GPS Origins™ Ancestry Test focuses on tracing more recent ancestry. Instead of tracing your ancestry from several millennia back, it concentrates on taking you back to only 1000 years from present day.

This allows our experts to pinpoint specific countries in the map. In some cases, we can even give you specific information about your ancestors’ island, town, or village.

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The GPS Origins™ Ancestry Test vs. Other Ancestry Tests

We all have the natural desire to learn more about our origins. Most of us are able to create a family tree that covers three or, at most, four generations. But due to lack of information, we are met with a road block that only the right tools can address.

The GPS Origins™ Ancestry Test will help you overcome this hurdle and confirm important information about your heritage.

But how is this test different from other ancestry tests? Check out this table below:

GPS Origins™ Ancestry Test Other ancestry tests
Location This test connects you to present day
countries, cities, or islands that you can
pinpoint in today’s world map.
Other ancestral tests connect you to general,
sometimes ambiguous, continental regions.
Timeline This test takes you back to around 1000
years from the present day.
Other ancestral tests try to cover several
millennia of ancestry.

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The Results of the Test

Expect to receive an interactive and fully detailed report that contains the following information:

Gene Pool Analysis: This is an extensive analysis of the 36 global gene pools our experts used to calculate your autosomal DNA’s genetic signature. Doing this allows us to link you to the specific areas or countries of your ancestors (e.g. Northern India, Southern France, Basque country, Sardinia, etc.)

Gene Pool Percentages: This part of the report allows you to see your top 3 gene pools. The regions included in these gene pools are also highlighted in an interactive map.

Gene Pool Percentages – Complete Results: Aside from your top 3 gene pools, you will also receive a breakdown of all gene pool regions and the percentage affiliation.

Historical Information: The report also contains a comparison of your unique DNA signatures with other studied populations around the world. This allows us to locate the origins of your very first ancestors (where they came from and where they settled).

This section of the report also provides a detailed explanation of your ancestors’ agricultural and historical background. Pertinent pieces of information are plotted on a map.

Results will be emailed to you within 4 to 6 weeks from the time our laboratory confirms receipt of your samples.

(The actual results are an online interactive report. This PDF is just a sample.)

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