Start your wellness journey with our range of DNA tests for health and fitness.

Our Gut Microbiome Test kit will help optimise your diet. The NutriFit Premium DNA test will reveal how your body responds to nutrients, physical activity, and other lifestyle factors related to health and well-being while our Skin DNA Test will take the guesswork out of caring for your skin.

Please see below for more information about our DNA health test kits.


Food Intolerance Test (Only $99)

The Food Intolerance Test is a comprehensive intolerance test that determines your sensitivity to up to 900 food and non-food items. (read more…)


Vegetarian Food Intolerance Test (Only $88)

Especially created for vegetarians, the Vegetarian Food Intolerance Test tests your hair sample to determine possible intolerances to 450 common vegetarian food and non-food items. (read more…)


Gut Microbiome Testing (Only $179)

Gut Microbiome Testing identifies which bacteria live in your gut, how abundant they are and how they affect your body allowing you to optimise your diet. (read more…)


NutriFit DNA Health and Fitness Tests (From $275)

Is it possible to adapt your lifestyle to your body’s requirements? With a nutritional plan and healthy lifestyle advice based on your specific genetic predispositions and needs; this can be easily achieved.

NutriFit DNA Health Tests will help you tune your lifestyle with your genes in the fields of personalised nutrition, sport, rejuvenation and health. (read more…)


Skin Care DNA Test (Only $169)

Our Skin Care DNA Test is designed specifically for people who want to know more about their skin and what they can do to improve it. The choice of skin care products is now based on science and your unique DNA. (read more…)