Hair Drug Testing

Only $99 with results in 3-5 days

Due to New York State Department of Health regulations, we cannot ship to New York residents. All orders from the state of New York will be cancelled.

Do you need to confirm if someone you know is a drug user? The Hair Drug Test uses hair samples collected from the donor’s head or body and screens it for the presence of illegal substances.

Unlike urine drug tests which have a lower sensitivity level, hair drug tests are five times more effective. Hair analysis accurately detects the presence of drugs up to 90 days prior to the test.

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How the Hair Drug Test Works

The laboratory is able to identify the ingestion of illegal drugs by analysing a hair sample using a methodology called Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) and other mass spectrometry techniques. Using these techniques, which have been approved by multiple accrediting agencies, drug molecules embedded inside the hair shaft can be measured.

Because of the nature of this method, any chances of contamination are totally eliminated. Furthermore, despite the use of shampoos, external chemicals, and other contaminants, it is impossible to alter results.

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Hair Drug Test vs. Urine or Blood Test

Compared to traditional tests that use blood or urine samples, hair sample testing is able to detect a much longer period of drug use.

Urinalysis or urine testing can only detect most drugs within 2-3 days; after this window, the person will already test negative, rendering the screening inaccurate. In effect, a drug user who needs to undergo a test (e.g. in pre-employment) may simply try to delay the test.

However, using head hair samples, the window of detection is 90 days, while using body hair samples extends this window to up to 12 months.

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Which Drugs are Screened

Our hair drug testing service screens for a wide range of illegal drugs and offers testing panels to fit the needs of every client.

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Legal vs. Anonymous Hair Drug Testing

By default, our hair drug testing service is anonymous because it does not require the client to confirm the tested person’s identity. The basic test is recommended for personal use (e.g. a parent testing their teenager’s hair sample).

Please note that the basic hair drug test has limited documentation involved and will not mention the donor’s name. Thus, even though the results of the basic test can either verify or rule out the tested person’s drug use, they cannot be used in the legal court.

However, we also offer clients the option to upgrade to a Legal Hair Drug Test for only $50. This is ideal for those who need legally defensible drug test results for situations like pre-employment or a court case.

Note: Legal testing requires the presence of a doctor or professional sampler to collect the sample and verify the donor’s identity. Instead of being sent to your address, the sample collection kit will be sent to the nominated sampler.

Please select the corresponding option (“Legal Testing”) when ordering the test.

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Sample Collection Process

Since this test only requires hair samples, the client can expect the collection process to be a quick, simple, and painless one.

For the basic test, upon ordering the test, a sample collection kit will be sent to the client’s address. This kit contains a hair specimen pouch, collection foil, and a clear plastic transport bag. It also includes easy-to-follow instructions.

When collecting your sample, please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • 90-120 strands of hair (more than 60 milligrams) is required.
  • Remember to take hair from several places around the head.
  • If the individual being tested has head hair that is shorter than ½ inch, please use body hair ONLY instead.
  • If body hair is used, please mark on the sample collection form that body hair has been collected as a sample.
  • Do NOT mix head hair and body hair.

Results are available in 3 to 5 working days after the laboratory receives the samples.

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The Limitations of the Test

For head hair, wait for 5 to 10 days from the time of drug use before collecting the sample. It is during this window when the hair follicle containing the drug grows above the scalp.

While body hair is accepted for hair drug testing, it may take longer for the drug to manifest in it. Thus, instead of only 5-10 days, using body hair requires a longer window of time than head hair. Because growth rate highly varies, the approximate time period cannot be specified.

There is no need to worry about hair colour. It has no significant impact on test results, which has been validated experimentally and also determined as usable in court.