Immigration DNA Test

From only $499 with results in 3-5 business days from receipt of samples

Our Immigration DNA Test is a quick and accurate way of proving a biological relationship between relatives, in order to prove a relationship where evidence is needed to support a passport or visa application.

The results of our Immigration DNA Tests are accepted as evidence by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), US Consulates and US Passport and Citizenship agencies to support immigration paternity claims, for instance, in the case of other lost or unavailable evidence, such as marriage and birth certificates.

Costing from $499, our Immigration tests are simple to do and produce quick and definite results which we can deliver to you within 3-5 business days from when all DNA samples have been received at our laboratory.

For added convenience, a copy of your results will be provided to you by email, while we also deliver all original documentation directly to the relevant official immigration entity.

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Reliability Guaranteed

You can be assured of the accuracy of our results which use a 21-genetic marker profile, delivering the highest levels of reliability.

Our Immigration DNA Tests will give you accurate results exactly when you need them.

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The Immigration DNA Test Procedure

To process an Immigration DNA Test, we first need to establish who needs to be tested and where they are located. After we have been informed of this, the laboratory will coordinate the collection of DNA samples from both the petitioner and beneficiary, or beneficiaries, in and outside the United States, by shipping sample collection kits to the petitioner’s closest collection facility in the US, and the beneficiary’s corresponding US Consulate.

Samples from all parties will then be collected at their assigned locations and shipped back to the laboratory where the DNA test will be conducted.

DNA samples are quick and painless to obtain from babies, children and adults as they are extracted by rubbing cotton swabs in the inside of the cheeks.  After collection, these samples will be sealed and packed in a tamper proof envelope for return and shipment to the laboratory.

This procedure establishes a “legal chain of custody” to ensure acceptance by USCIS, Embassies, Consulates and the Department of Homeland Security.

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Immigration DNA Test Results

The testing laboratory is accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) which ensures chain of custody test results are accepted as evidence and they test 21 markers which provides the highest levels of accuracy. Please visit our DNA Testing Laboratory Accreditation page for more information.

Immigration paternity tests are designed to produce one of two conclusive outcomes which will either read as “not excluded” (related) or “excluded” (not related) in the results report.  Our 21 genetic markers test provide certainty of more than 99.99% for positive results and 100% for negative results.  Due to our high level of certainty, all results will be indisputable and unquestionable by any immigration entity.

Immigration DNA Testing can also be used to prove relationships between other relatives such as grandparents, siblings, nephews and nieces, as well as aunts and uncles, but only when instructed by the Immigration official.

Please Contact Us in complete confidence for more information or to discuss your specific case.