DogCheck 4.0 Genetic Disease Test

Only $169 with results in 3 to 4 weeks

DogCheck 4.0 Genetic Disease Test is one of the most comprehensive genetic tests for dogs on the market.

It screens for more than 320 genetic or inherited diseases, disorders and traits. With the help of this test and the assistance of your veterinarian you can find out if your dog is a carrier of a genetic disorder or disease even without showing symptoms. With the results of the DogCheck 4.0 Genetic Disease Test you can make a care, diet and/or treatment plan to improve the quality of life of your beloved pet.

Take a look at the extensive and detailed list of diseases and genetic traits included in the DogCheck 4.0 Genetic Disease Test.

There is an extra cost of $55 to test the genes mentioned on the table as *xP as they are not included in the Dog Check 4.0 Report unless the extra fee has been paid at the checkout.

This test is a great tool for breeders because it allows them to identify potential risks for genetic disorders so they can make informed decisions to provide the best possible care for their dogs and select the best individuals for breeding. The DogCheck 4.0 Genetic Disease Test is an excellent investment in the health of your pups from just $169.

AffinityDNA Animal Icon How the Test Works

When you order your DogCheck 4.0 Genetic Disease Test you will receive a sample collection kit that includes precise instructions so that you can collect your dog’s buccal swab sample in the comfort of your own home without the need for veterinary involvement.

Once the samples are collected, follow the instructions included in the kit to send the samples to the laboratory.

The results will be emailed to you within 3 to 4 weeks of the samples being received by the laboratory.

The results report includes the list of diseases and genetic or hereditary traits analysed by the test, indicating for each of them the genotype of your dog and the corresponding interpretation. In the case of diseases there is a section at the beginning of the report which explains in detail the meaning of the terms used as interpretation of the genotype. Please have a look at an example of a result report in the link below.

AffinityDNA Animal Icon Limitations of the DogCheck 4.0 Genetic Disease Test

  • It is not a diagnostic test. Although it analyses more than 320 diseases and genetic traits to provide valuable information that will help you take the necessary steps to provide your pet with the health and well-being it deserves with the assistance of a veterinarian, this test cannot be used to diagnose any disease or genetic disorder.
  • It does not cover all known diseases or genetic disorders of dogs. Results should always be discussed with your veterinarian. A normal result does not mean that your dog is not susceptible to any disease not tested for. If your dog shows any symptoms always consult your veterinarian immediately.

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Price and Special Offers

Take advantage of the special $10 discount for a second or third DogCheck 4.0 Genetic Disease Test.

Order your first test for $169 and the second and third tests will cost only $159 each.

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