Grandparent DNA Test

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Our Grandparent DNA Test will help establish the genetic relationship between a grandchild and his or her grandparents. We offer grandparent DNA testing using the DNA samples from the grandmother, grandfather and the grandchild.

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More information About the Grandparent DNA Test

Most Grandparent DNA tests are used as an alternative to paternity testing when the alleged father (or mother) is not available for testing. It is based on the laws of genetic inheritance: a child inherits 50% of their genes from their mother and 50% from their father and will share 25% of their genetic makeup with their grandparents. Alleged paternal grandparent(s) share the genes that the child inherited from his or her biological father. If a DNA test shows the child shares common genes with his or her paternal grandparents, then this indicates that the child’s untested father is the biological father of the child. A grandparent DNA test can give very accurate results but for the highest levels of accuracy we recommend testing the DNA of the alleged father and that of the child in a DNA Paternity Test.

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Testing Both Grandparents

In practice it is possible to only test one grandparent but we strongly discourage this as it may lead to an inconclusive result*. Testing DNA samples from both grandparents provides the most accurate results possible because we are able to:

  • Establish the probability of relationship between grandfather and grandchild and grandmother and grandchild
  • Recreate the DNA profile of the untested, alleged father (the grandchild’s father) and compare this profile to that of the child

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*IMPORTANT: Testing Only One Grandparent

When we have DNA samples from both grandparents we are able to combine certain DNA markers from both of them to reconstruct the DNA of the missing and untested parent (the parent of the grandchild). If we have a DNA sample for only one grandparent, we are unable to do this and will only able to provide you with a probability of the relationship between grandparent and grandchild. This probability of relationship can sometimes be low despite an actual biological relationship existing. If you wish to carry out a single Grandparent DNA Test, please Contact Us so we can discuss alternative tests if appropriate.

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Grandfather-Grandson DNA Testing (Between Males Only)

Males have one hereditary advantage when it comes to DNA testing – The Y chromosome which is passed on more or less unchanged from father to son, which means that all males from the same paternal line will have a carbon copy of each other’s Y chromosome. If grandfather and grandson wish to establish whether they are truly biologically related and share a common paternal line, a Y Chromosome Test is an extremely accurate test, providing the best possible option for testing in this scenario. It is even more accurate than a grandparent test as it provides a yes-or-no answer instead of a percentage of probability.

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Collecting DNA Samples

Simple, quick and painless is what we keep in mind what it comes to sample collection. All our peace of mind DNA tests are performed using a home sample collection kit. Our clients can collect their own samples without any professional help using our kit which contains:

  • Sterile mouth swabs
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Consent forms
  • A pre-addressed reply envelope

Click her to read our online, step-by-step guide: How to Collect DNA Samples.