DNA Origins

Only $159 with results in 6 weeks

Our DNA Origins genetic ancestry test determines your bio-geographical ancestry and can provide you with a better understanding of your genetic origins. It is a useful starting point for tracing your ancestors and learning more about where you are from.

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What You Can Expect from the DNA Origins Test

The price of our DNA Origins test is $159 and the results will provide an estimated percentage of the tested individual’s ancestry from the four main population groups: European, Indigenous American, Sub-Saharan African and East Asian. The ancestral ethnicity percentages are displayed as a table on a certificate which also includes an easy-to-read bar graph of the results.

The personalized certificate PDF you will receive is perfect for printing and framing and will be accompanied by a results manual PDF which will help you understand your results as well as explaining ancestry testing and the history of human migration.

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The DNA Origins Population Groups

The DNA Origins test results provide ancestral estimated for four populations:

  • European: including Europeans, Middle Easterners and South Asians (India). The definition of this population group is based on studies which show that people living in Europe, the Middle East and South Asia share common ancestral markers dating 10,000 to 50,000 years ago
  • Indigenous American: including population groups who migrated to North, South and Central America
  • Sub-Saharan African: including people with roots in the Sub-Saharan region of Africa
  • East Asian: including Japanese, Chinese, Koreans and Pacific Islanders

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How to Collect Your DNA Origins Samples

You will receive the results of your test within 6 weeks from when we receive your DNA samples and completed consent forms. Your quick, easy, and painless sample collection kit is also included in the price of the test. We will mail your DNA kit to your home where you will follow some simple step-by-step instructions and then send the kit back to us for analysis.

Collecting the sample will only take a couple minutes of your time. You will receive four mouth swabs in the kit. You must gently swab the inside of your cheek for about 30 seconds each to collect a sample of your DNA. After you have used all four swabs you must simply let them air dry for an hour, package them in the included sample collection envelops and send them back to us.

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Why Test for Your Ancestry?

One of the main reasons people use our test is to unlock their ancestral roots and provide a starting point for further research into their heritage and possible ancestors. It is important to note that this test does not predict or establish an individual’s race – it provides a statistical estimate of genetic ancestry and you may discover that your heritage is different to what you expected. The only way to begin the journey into discovering your past is through genetic testing.

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Other Ancestry DNA Tests

We offer a range of ancestry DNA tests designed to provide different information about your genetic heritage:

The Paternal Lineage Ancestry DNA Test will trace the male lineage back 60,000 years and report Y-chromosome haplogroup information for the tested male. This test can only be undertaken by males.

The Maternal Lineage Ancestry Test uses mitochondrial DNA testing (mtDNA) to trace the maternal line back 150,000 years and report your mtDNA haplogroup.