Infidelity DNA Test (From $299)

Our Infidelity DNA Test is a powerful tool for those wishing to have a scientific indication of whether cheating has taken place. Infidelity DNA testing makes it possible for you to send us any suspicious sample you believe might have human biological material for us to analyse. Our typical client will send in anything ranging from underwear, bed sheets to used condoms. (read more…)


Semen Detection Test (From $129)

Do you have an item of clothing or bedding which you suspect might have semen on it but have no way of telling? Our Semen Detection Test scientifically establishes the presence of semen with 100% scientific certainty, providing you with the answer you need. Once we receive your sample, we will email you the results in just 10 working days. (read more…)


DNA Profile (From $119)

We offer DNA Profile testing services for wills, inheritance disputes, immigration appeals or simply to display your DNA fingerprint as a unique piece of art. (read more…)


DNA Banking and Storage (Only $145)

Our DNA Banking and Storage service allows you to safely store your DNA sample for up to 15 years to preserve your DNA for identification purposes or to protect your estate against unscrupulous claims. (read more…)


Express DNA Testing (Only $119)

Upgrade to Express DNA Testing and we guarantee that your Paternity or Maternity Test results will be with you in just 3 working days. (read more…)


DNA Sequencing Electropherogram (Only $60)

An electropherogram is a graph that displays the raw data obtained from sequencing your DNA. The peaks on the DNA sequencing electropherogram are based on the length of specific DNA fragments and are represented by the numbers on your paternity test or relationship test results. The great thing about this information is that it is unique to you, and only you. This raw data allows you to look at your genetic makeup in a way that used to be impossible.

We can include a DNA sequencing electropherogram with almost any test that you order from us for a small additional fee of $60. This fee includes an electropherogram for each person taking part in the test.

(read more…)


DNA Art Portraits (From Only $219)

DNA Art Portraits. Display your DNA fingerprint as a unique personalized piece of genetic artwork (read more…)